Five star show dancing from German Dance Sensation

Dance is an art form and ballet is its ultimate expression. German Dance Sensation’s dancers have trained at the most distinguished ballet schools in the world. The ensemble combines a variety of dance forms from all the continents of the world and provides first class entertainment ranging from solo performances through to two hour shows.

Show ballet which is as unique as you are

The German Dance Sensation show ballet company produces dance shows of an outstanding quality, which surpass other entertainment programmes. We guarantee that we will put on just the right kind of production to suit your requirements, whether you are planning a company celebration or anniversary, an appearance at a trade fair, a promotional film, a TV gala or any other event. Simply tell us what your requirements are, or if you have a particular vision in mind and German Dance Sensation will devise a dance concept and choreography just for you. Stories and information relating to your past and particular background will take centre stage in the production. Please feel free to get in touch with us!

Our musical repertoire covers all genres

The ensemble’s repertoire covers a broad range of music genres. You will be absolutely spoilt for choice! Would you like pop, rock, dance or musical theatre? Or, are you a fan of latin, swing, step or classical styles? Perhaps you have been dreaming for a long time of a big revue performance. You have found the perfect partner in German Dance Sensation, a professional dance show company with a wealth of experience in creating sensual, theatrical and spirited entertainment productions. Contact us soon to secure your preferred date.

Dance productions staged with lights, singing etc.

As well as imaginative choreography and gorgeous costumes, the perfect dance production must always include suitable background music or appropriate musical accompaniment. German Dance Sensation works with professional voice-over artists, and uses high quality projected images and impressive lighting concepts. This is all accompanied by first class solo singers, artists and acrobats. This means that the creative possibilities are as varied as the repertoire itself, resulting in an experience which is entertaining, fascinating and moving in equal measure.

First rate choreography and graceful dancers

Dance is an expression of grace, rhythm and emotion. Discipline, body control and the right choreography are all required to achieve this. German Dance Sensation is delighted to be able to work with Ophelia Vilarova, one of the leading artistic directors in the European show dance industry. She was the first female choreographer and artistic director for the ballet company that is attached to the German television broadcaster MDR. She is also able to look back on 25 years’ experience as a solo dancer. She is highly respected in the industry and has demonstrated her expertise in the work she has produced in over 300 television broadcasts, numerous concert tours and large gala events.

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