Dance shows create lasting memories

Are you planning an event or a company celebration, but are struggling to come up with an exciting idea? A dance show performed by German Dance Sensation will both surprise and enthral your guests. You will be able to create truly lasting memories whether you want to create a dreamlike atmosphere for your Christmas festivities, or whether you are hoping to put on an exciting company anniversary celebration. Dance has the ability to create completely different atmospheres. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements for your very own individualised dance show.

Unique dance productions tailored to suit your individual requirements

German Dance Sensation can produce a top class stage production for your company celebration, which can create many different atmospheres. Captivate your guests with top class show dancing and draw them into a different world whilst creating enduring memories.

A Royal Rock Rhapsody: the man behind the legend

You can expect to enjoy spellbinding choreography and exceptional costume design at German Dance Sensation’s Queen Tribute Show. This top class dance production provides fascinating insights into the life of Freddie Mercury and the man behind the legend. His life was shaped by rhythm and music and he has left behind an unparalleled legacy.

Spell in Blue: the vast blue oceans

The “Spell in Blue” ballet production will take you on a journey across the never-ending blue oceans. Experience remote islands and exotic continents at this thrilling dance show. Fiery flamenco dancing alternates with samba and salsa, which are complemented by exotic African sounds and beats. A journey in dance through the cultures of the Southern Hemisphere.

Golden Times: The very finest swing and jazz performances

Party with wild abandon just like in the Roaring Twenties! Get dolled up to the nines in the true spirit of the Golden Twenties. German Dance Sensation’s “Golden Times” dance production pays homage to the crazy bright young things of the Roaring Twenties. Swing, jazz and blues music dominated this decadent decade of change. These musical styles could be heard everywhere and cast a spell over the public. Allow yourself to be captivated by the fun and excitement of Golden Times!

In Love: show featuring music classics and sand painting

Love makes us immortal. It leaves behind traces in our hearts, which last forever. The “In Love” ballet show interprets the power of love in dance performances of the highest quality. Soothing yet rousing melodies from the annals of music history are accompanied by magical sand painting.

Specials: Dance productions as unique as your event

Are you wondering how to proceed? There is nothing to it. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements and we will devise a suitable concept with you that can be incorporated into our Dance Specials production. We will make your wishes and dreams come true!