A Royal Rock Rhapsody: a homage in dance to the rock band Queen

“A Royal Rock Rhapsody”, a dance production by German Dance Sensation, is fantastic entertainment with extremely high production values. Freddie Mercury would certainly have appreciated a show like this that celebrates his life and times. In this top class dance production, you will learn about the man behind the legend. You will experience up close a retrospective of his life and the legacy he has left behind. This homage in dance to Queen will captivate you with its thrilling choreography and breathtaking costumes.

A life full of music and rhythm

Freddie Mercury’s life was shaped by music and rhythm. Freddie and the band Queen revolutionised the music scene and set new standards. A high quality dance production is a very fitting way to celebrate his life and work. Hits such as “The Show Must Go On”, “One Vision” and “We Are The Champions” launched the band into the musical stratosphere where they will remain for all eternity. The sensational vocal talent of Brigitte Oelke, the expressive brilliance of the dance ensembleand the rocking live music will bring Freddie Mercury back to life for a short time and will give you a unique insight into his regrettably short life.

The Queen tribute show “A Royal Rock Rhapsody” at your event

“We will rock you” and your guests in a most royal fashion! Book the Queen tribute show “A Royal Rock Rhapsody” for your company event and, like the band Queen, you can also set new standards. The production is performed by internationally acclaimed solo dancers and the choreography portrays the life of Freddie Mercury in a fantastically theatrical way. The show is certain to be the number one topic of conversation among your customers or colleagues for a long time to come. It is an excellent entertainment concept for trade fair appearances, company events or TV gala performances. Contact us soon to secure your preferred date.

German Dance Sensation has amassed many years’ experience in the entertainment business and is synonymous with first class production values

German Dance Sensation’s many appearances at high profile events underscore the company’s exceptionally high quality standards. Artistic director Ophelia Vilarova provides the ensemble with fantastic choregraphy. Ophelia is renowned and respected within the industry and across Europe for her fantastic creative achievements.