DANCE ADVENTURE pays homage to the most sensual art form: dance.

DANCE ADVENTURE takes us on a journey in dance through a buzzing 21st century metropolis at night. Let us drift aimlessly through the streets and immerse ourselves in the sights and sounds of the city jungle, past its brightly lit theatres on the wide boulevards and past the bars that are found in the city’s disreputable districts, in eager anticipation of what we might find as we turn the next street corner.

The places and people we meet are as varied as the dance styles that we see: modern urban grooves meets flamenco, classic swing meets ethno sounds and pop step meets revue.

Five distinguished show choreographers and a ballet company including international soloists have created DANCE ADVENTURE especially for German Dance Sensation.

Allow yourself to be captivated by the wonders of this amazing art form and watch the night being danced away!