Golden Times: a homage in dance to the 1920s

The 1920s were characterised by an economic boom and an upsurge in innovative and flamboyant music. After many years of hardship, the mood became much more frivolous. People wanted to party and enjoyed getting dressed up for the occasion. German Dance Sensation will captivate you with an exuberant homage to the Roaring Twenties, the golden age of crazy flapper girls and prohibition rebels. Swing, jazz and blues music could be heard everywhere and were fostered by the triumphant advance of the gramophone, radio and film. A progressive spirit and a desire for change were prevalent during this time, which proved to be very exciting and beguiling. The Blues Show seizes upon this mood in a high quality dance interpretation of this era, which is certain to intoxicate you.

Swing made it possible to dance to jazz

The swing genre made it possible to dance to jazz music. Although jazz retained its own characteristics, compromises were made during the Golden Twenties, which made this genre much more popular. Big bands emerged during this era and are unequivocally linked to the success of swing music. Entertainment and art started to converge. Jazz classics such as “All That Jazz” and “In The Mood” are interpreted in an exhilarating way by the ensemble under the direction of Opehlia Vilarova and also by the German music sensations the Comedian Harmonists.

Make your event stand out with the “Golden Times” dance show that pays tribute to the roaring 1920s

Party with wild abandon just like in the Roaring Twenties and book the “Golden Times” dance show for your function or corporate event. Your guests will be transported back in time to the swing era and the period of economic revival. For 30 to 50 minutes you can enjoy exuberant dance routines performed in breathtaking costumes, which will soon have you feeling frivolous and carefree. The atmosphere created by German Dance Sensation does not fail to spill over to the audience. So let your hair down and book 6 or more dancers for your preferred date.

First class dancers create priceless goosebump moments

German Dance Sensation dancers have trained as soloists at the most distinguished ballet schools in the world. Under the direction of art director Ophelia Vilarova, they create something truly monumental in every dance production. She was the first female choreographer and artistic director for the ballet company that is attached to the German television broadcaster MDR. She is also able to look back on 25 years’ experience as a solo dancer.