Moulin Rouge Show “In Love”: the power of love

Love truly makes life worth living and we would certainly not like to imagine a world without love. In a sense, the power of love gives us eternal life. German Dance Sensation’s Moulin Rouge Show “In Love“ embodies these incredible emotions. You will be swept away as you watch the dancers elegantly express the emotions that love can evoke. For only love can make us immortal because we live on forever in the hearts of those who love us.

Romantic duets and sand painting

You can expect to enjoy a range of performances, including romantic duets and sassy Parisian burlesque routines to tunes such as Lady Marmelade. Love has many faces. It manifests itself in the gentle melody in I Will Love You and passion is ignited during the song Fever. Love can make us immortal because we leave behind traces of love when we leave this world. Music giants such as Falco have also left behind similar traces. He wrote music history with his hit Rock Me Amadeus and imbued love with an ineffable force. Mozart fully understood the power of love as we can appreciate in the Queen of the Night from his celebrated opera The Magic Flute. The “In Love” dance production is accompanied by magical sand painting, which accentuates the sensuality of the dancing in a beautiful way.

Present “In Love” at your event or company celebration

Embark on a journey through the realm of love when you book the ballet production “In Love”. German Dance Sensation’s unique dance and sand painting show includes romantic duets, emotional stories and passionate dances, and will show you how wonderful love can be. Create fantastic memories for your customers or colleagues and secure your preferred date for a 30 to 60 minute dance show with 6 or more dancers.

Performances by top class dancers that create genuine goosebump moments

German Dance Sensation dancers have trained as soloists at the most distinguished ballet schools in the world. The soloists’ skills and the creative expertise of art director Ophelia Vilarova combine to create the most sublime goosebump moments. Ophelia was the artistic director for the ballet company that is attached to the German television broadcaster MDR. She is also able to look back on 25 years’ experience as a solo dancer.