Spell in Blue: the magical Caribbean show

The vast blue oceans have inspired the imagination since the beginning of time. Researchers, explorers, adventurers and other swashbucklers of the sea all wanted to conquer the world’s oceans. Often what they discovered on their year long voyages was far more beautiful than what they had originally imagined. Embark on a similar voyage and conquer the oceans with the German Dance Sensation ensemble and immerse yourself in the fantastic dance production “Spell in Blue”. Travel to remote islands and exotic continents where you will be welcomed with Caribbean and African dancing.

Caribbean flair: exotic cultures portrayed through the language of dance

The Samba Show recounts many stories, as well as the history of foreign cultures from all parts of the Southern Hemisphere. The Flamenco Show produced by German Dance Sensation switches between flamenco, salsa and samba dance styles. During your journey across the vast blue oceans you will not only hear exotic African beats, but also mysterious aboriginal sounds. The melancholic magic of the tango rounds off this dance journey into the unknown.

Unique events with “Spell in Blue”

Make your company celebration or event an exotic journey across the vast blue oceans of the world with the ballet production “Spell in Blue”, produced by German Dance Sensation. Your guests will experience a 30 to 60 minute dance show that incorporates spellbinding choreography and the highest quality dance performances. Book your preferred date for a magical experience in blue with six or more dancers.

German Dance Sensation: polished dance shows for any special occasion

German Dance Sensation guarantees unique dance routines created by art director Ophelia Vilarova. Ophelia’s 25 years’ experience as a solo performer, choreographer and artistic director for the ballet company attached to the German television broadcaster MDR speaks for itself and guarantees top class entertainment.